Injury should not hold you back. You deserve a full life—and we can help.

Injuries knock us off our game and make it hard to stay on track. Unless you're a professional athlete, you're probably not used to getting hurt.

There are many obstacles on the path to recovery, including discomfort, ambiguity, and frustration. If you haven't developed the right skills, chances are you could get stuck.

Bottom line: Distress and negative feelings always accompany physical injury. Sometimes they hang on too long. That's why we created SABABA.

We are here to guide you. We've been injured before, so we know how you feel. Our award-winning physicians, counselors, and scientists joined forces to create an integrated program that can help you get better.

How does SABABA work? SABABA online assessments and counseling programs equip you to fight back:

  • We help you and your healthcare team know where you stand
  • We teach you the techniques you need to cope and heal
  • We help you sustain positive momentum
  • We strengthen your mindset so you can get on with life—on your terms

All you need is a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Our secure video conference approach makes it easy to connect. Reach out now so we can get started.

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