As an Employer and Insurance Company SABABA helps get patients back to a full life.

As an employer, you want your workers to receive the most appropriate care, to have the fullest possible recovery, and return to work as quickly as possible.

However, all too often, healing drags on. The recovery process is uneven. Employees are frightened, frustrated, and unproductive. And costs escalate.

SABABA hits these problems head on by bringing patients and providers together with data and actionable programs that accelerate patients getting back to work and back to normal life.

Simply stated: SABABA drives success through physical function improvement

Our programs accelerate progress. They do NOT lead to traditional "psych claims". In fact, they help prevent them. Sessions target specific injuries, not pre-existing patient issues or intangible factors.

Healing accelerates when patients and providers share responsibility for treatment plans and progress. Clear, actionable data is the key.

SABABA assessments enable you to track both neuromusculoskeletal and psychological factors. This provides greater transparency and documentation in support of the treatment plan.

SABABA's Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-based counseling providers are accredited by the Joint Commission. Our program instills the coping skills, structure, and support people need to get over the rough spots with resilience and focused intent.

If patients fail to show improvement through the measurement of outcomes, all parties know that it is time to consider alternative methods of treatment, or perhaps conclude that the patient has reached Maximum Medical Improvement.

Either way, cases get resolved.

SABABA programs are capitated, inexpensive, and effective. They dramatically reduce the costs of complex cases.

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