As a healthcare professional, SABABA helps you drive better patient outcomes.

Many patients heal physically but remain on the sidelines, unable to function fully because they struggle with distress or emotional challenges that inhibit recovery

Provide better care to injured patients and curb runaway health care costs.

SABABA enables you to highlight patient perceptions of physical and emotional readiness while delivering a targeted behavioral health program that includes therapy and skill building.

We also provide data for evidence-based care, which enhances value, quality, and patient recovery.

By accounting for components of depression, anxiety, and somatization, you can understand and document patient issues with greater precision.

Psychological data, integrated with the neuromusculoskeletal functional measures, will enable you to see the "whole picture" so you can optimize your patient's outcome and quality of life.

Measuring psychosocial perception and quantifying patient function provides a more comprehensive data set prior to prescribing opioids and other medications. It also helps you assure efficacy. Armed with biopsychosocial data, you can ensure proposed elective procedures and surgical interventions are appropriate for your patients.

Harnessing our biopsychosocial assessments and telebehavioral health programs will enable you to:

  • Accelerate functional improvement
  • Strengthen mindsets through healthy coping skills
  • Reduce unnecessary medical expenses
  • Gain insight through progress tracking and metrics
  • Minimize anxiety and discomfort
  • Communicate with evidence-based data

All you need is a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Our secure video conference approach makes it easy to connect. Reach out now so we can get started.

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A guide for proper utilization of therapeutic care

As a treatment facilitation resource, SABABA assessments and programs give you a valuable differentiator. They can even provide an additional source of revenue for your practice in some situations.

We can help you accelerate progress to Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and we enable you to track patient progress and respond more quickly with stronger treatment plans.

The Fundamental Formula is Simple:

Sababa's formula

Here's How the Program Works:

Functional Assessment:

  • SABABA employs a patient-centered assessment for neuromusculoskeletal injuries that reports holistically on a patient's function and coping skills. Patients complete the assessments through secure email, text, the web, or touch-screen tablets in just a few moments.

Video-Conference Based Behavioral Health:

  • SABABA's telehealth component is tightly structured, extending through a maximum of twelve sessions, and it integrates elements of therapy, skill building, and coaching.

  • Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-based counseling providers are accredited by the Joint Commission.

  • The program reinforces concrete skills that help patients focus on goals and abilities rather than upon pain and limitations. This approach enables providers to reduce the negative impact of pain and distress on daily life, improve physical and emotional functioning, introduce new coping skills, achieve better opioid control, and increase overall function.

SABABA programs facilitate a shared discussion between you and your patients. The program employs data trends to refine treatment goals and provide visual progress reports. This leads patients to take ownership of decision-making and goals, which results in patient-centered care, faster return to work, and higher satisfaction.